I have a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and strong professional experience from the company Boom-Mobile SA (Geneva) where I first had the role of mobile developer and later technical leader. I contributed to developing high-quality mobile apps for various devices and platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.

Eager to find more challenging career opportunities and prove my skills in a more international environment I chose to join the company ( Paris and Limoges) to help develop their mobile culture in France in collaboration with the entire group (Belgium, the Netherlands). After six years with two different communications agencies, both working with brands seeking to create a true experience for their customers, I wished to join a company that develops its own products, brand, and experience. Thus I took on a mission at (VeePee, through, an ever-evolving market leader in its field who matched all the criteria I was looking for and who sets a true example of e-commerce and “m-commerce”.

Once my mission was completed and in search of new horizons, I wished to find a medium-sized company specializing in mobile technology, both in development and consulting as well as in mobile strategy. I chose Visuamobile ( for its team of diverse backgrounds (technology and experience), the constant search for quality and innovation as well as its areas of expertise.

Eager to find a new challenging career opportunity, I was seeking new horizons abroad, to discover another culture and a new way of thinking. Therefore I chose Sydney in Australia for its landscape, people, and way of life. Then, I got an amazing opportunity in the travel industry, from a well-known worldwide company based in Bangkok (Thailand). I decided to move there to join Agoda (Booking Holding) to help build their hotel product and then their flight product.

After 5 years in Thailand and working for one of the leading companies in the travel industry, I wanted to go to the next step, the next scale, a new place, and discover a new industry, for this, I have decided to join the most growing and the leading destination for short-form mobile video, TikTok company in Singapore.

Then I had the chance to join one of the best world companies, Meta, to help build/improve ads conversion/performance.