Karl Lagerfeld Digital Stores

Regarding the concept stores, Karl Lagerfeld and Emakina have developed a series of digital innovations, creatively supervised by the designer himself. Taking into account the trends of the 21st century, this innovative network of stores is designed to be a relational platform between clients, the brand itself, the community of fans and influencers. The stores should truly offer consumers a signature experience in the heart of the designers’ universe in order to be able to relive de ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ experience.




Karl’s Booth

Every fitting room is equipped with a touchscreen, giving the clients the opportunity to immortalise their look with a picture, applying a photo filter “Karl-style”, and sharing their picture with friends by email or social media.



Karl’s Book


The store visitors are invited to share their impressions, affiliation with the brand or simply leave a short message addressed to the designer using the store’s digital GuestBook. Ultimately visitors are able to surf to the karl.com website, take pictures of their favorite products and share this combined experience on social media.





Several iPad mini where attached to the racks displaying the clothes, inviting store visitors to explore the assembled looks of the collection. Customers were able to discover the entire collection and share their favorite pieces on several social media platforms.





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